Punggol Miss Oh

Everyday life of an OL (& occasional bimbo!)

About Me

Hello, hello!

Thanks for stumbling on this little personal space of mine! I’m your typical Singaporean office lady (and an occasional bimbo, hurhur!) Here, I document my everyday life on days I don’t feel so lazy, and I’ll share the good and also the not-so-good food so you don’t make the same gastronomical mistakes.

And I love love love love (geddit geddit??) to travel! So yeps, I’ll share my travel tales, travel tips and also whatever travel tidbits that I think you will like too!

And of course, I will also rant and ramble as I pour my heart out to you like you’re the #bff4lyfe I never had.

Yeps, I wanna reach out to fellow working women on our sunny island!

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