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Traits of a woman that turns men off


Admit it. I’m sure you’d have at least once wished that your life was like a K-drama with all its sweet, romantic and dramatic moments and your favourite Oppa would magically appear and tells you “You are mine”, before pulling you in for a deep deep deeeeeeeep kiss.

I do, I do.

Even more so after watching “Something in the Rain” (literal title “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food”)!

Never mind if Jung Hae In’s swept up in a controversy for taking up the center spot at the “Baeksang Arts Awards” recently, he’s still cute!

He’s sexy when he’s mad and he makes my heart flutter!!! Aigooooo, I swear I couldn’t stop smiling while watching the drama. It makes me feel as though I’m the one in the relationship with him.

Hae In-nim~ let me buy you food every day! Kekeke.

So anyways, I was surfing the net (cos I was bored at work #sorrynotsorry) and then I came across this post which identify the four traits of a woman that can potentially turn men off.

Okay lah, it might not be important to some (I’m referring to those happily attached/married women), but I think it’s also good that we know which ones right? Who knows, you might just meet your Oppa one day!

(Original source from BaekTV)

Women that are too passive

We swoon at men who are manly and decisive, we think its “sexy” when men takes the lead and we’d still melt for chivalry. While it is okay to rely on a man moderately, but being overly passive may make a woman appear unattractive.

Men finds it frustrating when women expect them to do all the planning and it tires them out having to always be the one taking all the initiatives all the time.

Women who’d only receive and not giving anything back in return

Okay lah, this one is quite understandable lah. I mean, if I were in their shoes, I would also hate it if the other party take my kindness for granted, and expect me to show her care and concern but do not reciprocate mah. It’d also add a little sparkle to the relationship if the other party throws a little surprise, say once in a blue moon?

Regardless of how much you adore someone, surely it’s going to be exhausting and demoralizing when you are the one that has been giving too much and not getting anything in return, right?

Overly-possessive women

If a man gets all possessive over me, I’d feel loved because I know it goes to show that he cares for me. But imagine if the possessiveness is /ahem/ too much?

He wants to know what you’re up to every second of the day, he’s overly concern about your social circles and sifts through all of your social network sites, expect you to respond to him even if you may be busy at work.

OMG, I’d totally hire an assassin to murder him.

So again, you can’t really blame the men for not favouring over-possessive women lah. After all, it is stressful if you have to deal with a possessive partner all the time.

Women who does not put in effort

If you’re starting to feel unmotivated to look good and guilty of not bothering to dress up nicely anymore, you might want to snap out of that.

Men dislike women who does not put in effort to look good. Neither do they like women who don’t put in effort when it comes to going on dates and only leaving it to the guys to decide.

After all, it takes two hands to clap and an effective relationships require both parties to make contributions.

Needless to say, cultivating a good personality requires a lot of effort, but it is a good investment that goes a long way. As the saying goes “An ugly personality destroys a pretty face”. Ultimately, it is your personality that determines whether people are attracted to, or shy away from you, ya?

Nobody wants to become someone who only bring annoyance to others. Know your own charms, develop a pleasing personality and you will become a more attractive person eventually~

Of course, I won’t say no to having both an attractive personality AND a beautiful face!

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