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Were you amongst one of those audience who wept tears of joy when veteran actress Jin Yin Ji (金银姬) finally won her first ever Top 10 Most Popular Female Artists at the Stars Awards 2018?

I didn’t exactly cry-cry lah, but got xiao touched.

After all, I was a TV kid (电视儿童), and I literally grew up watching TCS Channel 8’s productions ok.

Yes – TCS as in Television Corporation of Singapore.

My favourite timeslots on weekdays were 7pm and 9pm. And also, once I get home after school, I would plant myself in front of the TV in my smelly school uniform from 2.30pm to 4.30pm because they would repeat some of the older dramas then.

I was such a loyal viewer of TCS Channel 8 that I could memorize and sing most of the theme songs from the dramas and they were my ultimate jams. #dontjudge

Back in those days, these theme songs were like the “K-drama OST”.

And Christopher Lee and Fann Wong were like Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo ok?

They even released a series of albums called 阳光系列 (Yang Guang Xi Lie) – which is a collection of the theme songs from dramas!

阳光系列 (Yang Guang Xi Lie)

Released: 1995

Keke, my favourite song from this album was Ann Kok’s Nobody Knows! LOL

阳光系列 2 (Yang Guang Xi Lie 2)

Released: 1997

阳光系列 3 (Yang Guang Xi Lie 3)

Released: 1998

阳光系列 4 (Yang Guang Xi Lie 4)

Released: 2000

阳光系列 5 (Yang Guang Xi Lie 5)

Released: 2001

阳光系列 6 (Yang Guang Xi Lie 6)

Released: 2002

阳光系列 7 (Yang Guang Xi Lie 7)

Released: 2004

Wahhh the nostalgic feels!

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