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A Noona with Shrinking Brain


Jeans day.
Best week of the day.

I must have been feeling too ecstatic that it’s Friday today that I kinda went overboard when picking my ingredients for Ma La Xiang Guo during lunch. The food coma struggle is real, I’m trying to keep myself awake as I’m typing this. Hur hur.

Speaking of which, I’ve read a lot about how sedentary lifestyle can cause our waist-lines to expand, but I never knew it could actually cause our brain cells to shrink!

Could that be why I’m finding it SO HARD to grasp the whole concept that SM is trying to pull across for NCT? Memorizing the names of Super Junior’s members and matching it to their faces used to be a piece of cake for me. Sigh.

NCT, who?

So I got to know NCT because they’re from SM Entertainment, one of the largest and most established entertainment companies in South Korea and also the label home to K-pop artists like DBSK, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and EXO (YES, I’M AN EXO-L!!!!!!!!!).

NCT — or Neo Culture Technology — is the latest boy band which they have added to its artiste line-up.

Besides being a group that has very very very confusing concept (with multiple units and line-ups – which I obviously won’t get to there until I have figured it out, if i ever do, that is), they’re also currently the biggest group with whopping 18 members, and probably the only group with the most multi-national members in the industry at the moment.

In a post titled “Idol group with seven types of passport” posted on an online community board Instiz, a netizen expressed her amusement at the range of nationalities the group has, along with pictures of the members at the airport.

I too think it’s quite cute lah, because how often do you see an idol group with seven different passports, right?

Japan: Yuta
Thailand: Ten
China: Kun, Ren Jun, Winwin, Chen Le
Korea: Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Jisung
Canada: Mark
Hong Kong: Lucas
United States of America: Johnny

Ten (텐) from Thailand
Yuta (유타) from Japan on the left and Winwin (윈윈) from China on the right

Besides Winwin, Chenle (천러), Kun (쿤) and Renjun (런쥔) are also from China.

Johnny (쟈니) from America
Lucas (루카스) from Hong Kong
Mark (마크) from Canada

The has post garnered 200 over comments from netizens, with comments like “I’m not sure why but the fact that it’s so global makes my heart flutter”, “It seems like the NCT members are specially handpicked by SM, choosing only the most good looking ones from over the world”, “As expected, Neo Culture”, “Johnny’s passport somehow gives off the Hogwarts vibe” and so on.

I’ve watched a bit of their performances (and got slightly giddy cos too many people, lol) and boy, SM Entertainment sure train their artists well!

Their knife-like and perfectly synchronized dance movements IS impressive. Check out the video below!

They should be glad they debuted in Korea. Had they debut in Singapore, they’d probably be called YTF – Yong Tau Fu, or… MLXG – Ma La Xiang Guo.

Ok, I’m kidding. NCTzen, please don’t hate me!

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